3. Section II Installing and Configuring Cache 2009.1

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To install Cache, locate the exactable file. Cache Version 2009.1.0.446.0

Click on the cache-2009.1.0.446-win_x86.exe executable icon,
You will be presented with the following screen.
1. Click, I accept the terms in the license agreement.

To continue, click Next

2. Cache Instance Name: type: CACHE91

To continue, click Next

3. Destination Folder, C:\Intersystems\Cache\

Note: This is the location where the license key is placed.
Path: C:\Intersystems\Cache\mgr

To continue, click Next

4. Setup Type Options
Select the Sever option that installs Cache server and CSP Gateway.

Choose the set up type that best suits your needs for this instance, we are selecting Server, for Installs Cache server and CSP Gateway

To continue, click Next

5. Install Unicode Support?
Select 8-bit

To continue, click Next

6. Initial Security Settings
Select the Minimal setting for the least restrictive security setting.

To continue, click Next

7. Ready to Install the Program
At the install summary confirm the Instance Name: is CACHE91

To continue, click Install

Installation Status Window
Once it's done installing, click finish to continue.

Once the installation is complete, Click on the blue cube icon.
Select Stop Cache.

This pop up screen will appear, Click on Restart and click OK.

The Stopping Cache pop up window will display, then the Starting cache pop up will display.

At this point, the cache installation is now complete.

Configuring Cache
1. First, create a folder called DBROOT then, create a folder based on the CACHE91 namespace name. It is recommended the file folder name and namespace names are the same. Place the unzipped cache.dat file inside the VOS folder; place the VOS folder inside the DBROOT folder.
Path example C:\DBROOT\VOS\ Cache.dat.
2. Right click on the blue cube and select System Management Portal option from the pop up menu. (or type in web address for System Management Portal)

Figure 1

Figure 2
3. At the home page, under System Administration tab, select Configuration

4. At the Configuration page, under System Configuration tab, select Namespaces
Current Path: [Home]>[Configuration]

Figure 3

5. At the Namespaces page, click on Create New Namespace link
Current Path: [Home]>[Configuration]>[Namespaces]

Figure 4

6. At the New Namespace page enter your new namespace, for this instance it is "VOS"
Current Path: [Home]>[Configuration]>[Namespaces]>[New Namespace]

Figure 5

7. When the Database Wizard window pops up, click the Create New Database, enter the name of your new Database, for this instance it is "VOS"

Note: Your Database name and Namespace name should always be the same.

Figure 6
At the Database directory, Type in your namespace, browse to the folder where the database (cache.dat file) is located. For this instance, the cache.dat file is located C:\DBROOT\VOS\ (see figure 6.5)

This pop up window will show, click this drop down menu

Figure 6.5

8.Once the Cache.dat file is located click next to continue

Figure 7

9. When the Cache.dat file is located in the specified folder, it should say:
"Database file, Cache.dat, already exists in directory. . . . ."
Click finish to continue. Click finish and then click "Save" on the next screen to save the most recent settings.

Figure 8

10.Click finish and then click "Save" on the next screen to save the most recent settings. You should now see the new Namespace "VOS"