Fileman (2011)

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Greg Kreis

Greg Kreis worked for the Veterans Administration as a programmer and projects manager from 1983-1985. He then implemented VistA systems for two companies before starting Pioneer Data Systems in 1989.

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DSS, Inc. supports native VistA Fileman query and reporting within vxCPRS. This model provides extensive and unique capabilities, making complimentary availability a necessity when relying on the vxVistA Enterprise EHR for everyday and cyclical data reporting requirements. 

FileMan is the native database management system for MUMPS (M) and is very tightly woven into the structures of both the database and the data itself. Computed code values, standard lookups, array definition, powerful formatting tools, and many other features make this an ideal tool for ad hoc queries by advanced staff entrusted by your organization to perform lookups and research. FileMan is also able to be used for “canned” reporting with stored report formats called upon by end-users with significant frequency and made available via screen or print output formats.

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