ADPAC Automated Data Processing Application Coordinator. A VistA software expert who usually works for IRMS.
BoilerplateA pre-defined TIU template that can be filled in for Titles, speeding up the text entry process. TIU exports several Titles with boilerplate text which can be modified to meet specific needs; sites can also create their own.
For Group Notes a title with information that would be common for each member of the group works well. Any TIU objects used in boilerplate are filled in as if for the first patient, so avoid objects in Group Notes boilerplate.
CACClinical Application Coordinator. A software specialist who usually works for one of the medical center services.
CPRSComputerized Patient Record System. A front-end program that attempts to provide all VistA functionality in a Windows interface. Currently CPRS is being re-written to work in any windowing system that supports a web browser. This will allow users to access VistA from UNIX and Macintosh based systems. The target date for release of this advanced system is third quarter 2005.
IRMSInformation Resource Management Service.
TIUText Integration Utilities. An umbrella package with the purpose of combining all clinical note processing into a single entity. In CPRS, TIU is represented by the Notes tab.
VDL VistA Document Library. A service of the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide documentation to all users. Anyone can access the VDL at web address:

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