Pressing the New Note button will allow you to select a note title. This will be the note title used for each member of the group:

Note:If the provider requires a co-signer, the co-signer must be designated at the time of note title selection. The field for designating a cosigner appears only if the author of the note requires a cosigner. The requirement for cosigner is a product of the author's User Class and the set up of the document in TIU.
This is the "point of no return." Once you select a title, a note will be created for each member of the group. If you exit the program without signing, unsigned notes are created for each member of the group and notifications will appear in CPRS that a note awaiting signature is available for each of these patients.
Warning:Objects in boilerplate are problematic for group notes. The first patient on the list gets filled in and then the note text is given to each patient. So, do not use objects in the boilerplate of these notes titles that would be different for each patient.