As with CPRS, Group Notes opens with the patient selection screen. This screen is very similar to the CPRS patient selection screen with a number of fields and buttons added to facilitate group notes.
Select a patient list.
Select patients by clicking on their namesThis button supplies additional demographic information.Patients are listed here.Click here when the list is complete.
´üćNote:If the patients are being selected from a clinic appointment list, the date and time of the visit MUST match exactly the date and time of the appointment. If there is a mismatch, you will create a duplicate encounter.
An extra button is added below patient demographics that, when pressed, displays detailed patient demographic information. Finally there is a list box provided showing the patient list as you build it.
With the patient list there are two additional buttons: Remove and Remove All. These have the obvious function allowing you full edit control over the list. Once you are satisfied press the Group Notes button.